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Why Blog?

Ever wonder who’s reading blogs either for information, purchase research, entertainment, enrichment, or just to get a laugh?

The real question is, “Who isn’t reading blogs?”

According to Technorati blog readers have these statistical profiles:
blog readers are

Know your target audience! That is, always has been, always will be a golden rule in any kind of  marketing. So, if these people are in your aim, and they should be, then you need to blog! It’s hard to believe that at least one of these statistics don’t pertain to your target audience. The fact of today’s marketing is that regardless of gender, age, social – religious – or financial status, people are reading and are influenced by blogs.

If you don’t have a blog, then don’t complain when your competition pinches money from your pocket.
So, WHY BLOG? A blog gives you presence and presence gives you power, power turns you into one who influences others – a blog can turn you into an influencer –tech quote

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