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Why An Author Needs a Blog

by Mindy Halleck

Why? By becoming a blogger, you’ll have the ability to connect with your readers while building a platform.
If you desire to be successful as an author, you need to have a presence on the web; a website,  a blog and possibly social media.

Why? Social networks – and to sell books in today’s world you will need social networks like Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest and so on –these networks need a hub to which all roads lead; a central location where you sustain the precious content you’re sharing with your peeps, “tweeps“ “FB’s” and whatever acronyms describe your adoring tribe.

Think of your posts and tweets as appetizers, and your blog the main entrée.

Setting up a blog is one of the first things a publisher will ask you to do. It’s also one of the most beneficial things you can do to promote your book for a whole host of reasons.

National Survey Finds Majority of Journalists Now Depend on Social Media for Story Research

A new survey conducted by Cision and George Washington University backs up this trend, finding in a survey of journalists that when researching stories:

  • 89% look to blogs
  • 65% turn to social networking sites
  • 52% use Twitter as a resource

This change in the way that media members function has the potential to benefit perceptive authors who understand it and appropriately widen their net to catch those queries.



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