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Terms & Agreements

B4YU Terms and agreements (we all need rules)


We reserve the right to reject any order placed for a website we feel contains distasteful, obnoxious or otherwise objectionable or offensive material.


Payment on all orders is due upfront via PayPal. Once you decide on your order via our ‘Fees ala carte’ page you can go directly to our Paypal terminal via our website to pay immediately upon placing your order. Payment must be made in full to reserve a slot in our queue.

QUEUE (long line)

Due to demand, there is often a queue for blog/website designs. The queue operates on a first come, first serve basis according to the time in which your full payment is received. Your name will be placed in the queue at the time we reply to your order (within 1-3 days of submission). If you fail to submit payment, your name will remain in the “On hold” section until payment is received.  Please be aware of the current queue wait before placing an order.  If you cannot wait in line there is a $200.00 rush fee. Contact us for current queue details.


All images or graphics you supply to be used in your design are assumed to have the proper permissions. B4YU is not liable for the use, misuse or misappropriation of the images and graphics you provide to us.


Although we’ve never lost any designs or widgets (your sidebar info) we still strongly suggest you save a back up of your blog template before work on your design has begun just in case the unlikely something happens. B4YU is not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your template.


B4YU’s custom designs include up to three rounds of revisions. If your requests for revisions surpass that allowance, you’ll be charged $50 an hour for the additional revisions. If you decide to change your design model in the middle of the process, you will be charged for the price of any new graphics required to complete your new design plus the time already spent on your original design at $50 an hour.


Adding content to your posts and pages is your responsibility and is not included in our packages. If you have questions about blogging content or what when where and why of blogging, check out our B4YU university where there are articles, tutorials and more to get you up and running in the blogosphere. If you need more assistance in adding content to your blog post/pages we’re happy to do so at $50 and hour.


B4YU does not offer refunds on designs already in process. If you’ve been placed in the queue and change your mind after sending payment, no worries, we’ll gladly send a refund minus the cost of the Paypal processing fee.


You are responsible for maintaining your site once the design has been installed.  This includes adding content to pages and posts, updating plugins & themes, adding/removing gadgets/widgets, etc. We design blogs–we don’t maintainer them.


We will provide up to one hour of free post-install support to go over any questions or concerns you may have as you settle into your design.  The one hour of post-install support expires 30 days from the installation date after which you will need to purchase the  “HELP – Support Package” at $50 for either a one hour consult, two 30 minute consults or any other additional assistance.


Although Blogs 4 You – U may recommend certain hosting providers, you are ultimately responsible for making an informed hosting decision based on your own research. B4Yu is not responsible for any hosting issues you may encounter by your chosen hosting provider.

In addition any support you need after our design process is completed would come from WordPress or Blogger, whichever platform you have chosen.  We do not maintain your blog or provide ongoing support.


Designs and content sometimes vary in look from browser to browser. Although we do our best to assure our designs look great on all browsers, there may be slight variations in the look of your design between diverse browsers.

Copyright 2013 Blogs 4 You – U


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