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The No Web Presence Problem;

This is a true story – I’m just not naming names;

Let’s say a radio host suggests a specific author to a friend who does a talk show. He tells her what a perfect guest ‘said author’ would be. She Googled said authors name so she could book him for her show.  Sadly, said author had no website, no blog, no online presence at all, and no way to make contact. The talk show host gave up and moved on another author whom she could contact and that author did her show and sold 35,000 books as a result.

Or, the talk show host may have found said authors site and the site or blog was so stale, out of date and unprofessional she was not comfortable in inviting said author onto her show. She moved on to the author who had a professional presence on the web.

If you do have a website or blog, make certain it reinforces someone’s decision to invite you on his or her program– radio or tv – and doesn’t make them wonder about your credibility.

The Solution;

cropped-lit-liaz-card.jpgOf course, you could contact me to create a blog or site for you – Or you can create your own and keep these tips in mind;



1-      Be interesting and relevantThat’s the first golden rule of the blogosphere.  Write what your readers want to share with their social networks.  You don’t have to write a TED speech, but do try to be interesting and provocative with your content.

2-     Turn Google into a publicist – Every author should have Google Alerts for their name and topic area.  Each day, assess the stories and topics that are running in your subject area and add to the discussion. Media members are often searching for resources and insight on those topics and when you create a blog with your take and tag it correctly, you widen your net to attract attention from journalists looking for experts just like you.  My MSN Money interview, and several others, happened exactly that way.

3-     Blog titles often make all the difference. Get creative and spice up your headlines to attract more attention from readers, other social media platforms and journalists.

4-     Consistent blogging -Nothing looks worse to media or readers than a social media annex that hasn’t been updated in months. Stale content and pages do not sell! Don’t set up a Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook page unless you aim to engage and provide consistent content.  If you have SM accounts that you don’t update, cancel them.

5-      Easy Access –If you also have a website then make sure your blog tab is always just a click away.  And visa versa; make certain your blog refers back to your website. Don’t  forget; On your website make sure one of the main links takes media members to a “press room” or “press package” page where they can find links to previous media coverage, press materials and contact information for you or your publicist.

6-     Online press kitConsider first impressionsIn today’s ever-evolving media environment, the first place that agents, editors, readers, media members, and others are apt to interact with you and your book won’t be at the local book store or even Amazon, but on your website, or via your various social media extensions.  So start thinking of your social media as an online press kit.



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