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Fees – À la carte


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Fee’s range

$299.00 + – simple placeholder page, like an on-line business card 
$399.00 + – personalized WordPress blog (you provide up to 3 jpeg images of you, your book cover and whatever else suits your means)  

$699.00 + – Personal WordPress Website

Adding Pages & Menus – $50.00 pp

Adding social media can range from $50.00 to $150.00 depending on what social media you currently have in place (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.).

Queue – Time frames vary, but generally a blog is completed between 10-20 days. If you need a blog yesterday there is a $200.00 urgent fee, which, time permitting, gets you a blog in 48 hours or less.

Add a PayPal account and badge to your site so you can SELL your books, $100.00

Add customer reviews, testimonials, even videos that sell your book – Price dependent on project. Call for quote.

Additional marketing materials for the mail, on-line advertising, or flyers, postcards, newsletters, and business cards
Create a social media campaign utilizing Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads and more. Price dependent on project. Call for quote.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be too complicated to maintain. 

E-mail your questions, and let’s put a proposal together that fits your needs.

REMEMBER, once your blog is set up there are no monthly fees or dues. 

AND, if you’re a DIY-er and want to do it yourself, check out these Top 10 Sites for web-site building resources.

As a disclaimer, we reserve the right to decline services when schedules are too conflicting.

If you use PAYPAL please add a 3% processing fee to your balance. And PLEASE read our Terms and Agreements before placing your order.

Thank you.



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