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About Blogs4You-U

My name is Mindy Halleck, and I’ve been blogging and designing blogs for 8 years.  Mindy's biz card (2)

Click on my Literary Liaisons writer’s blog and please visit the SAMPLE BLOGS page to view my growing portfolio.   

I started B4YU after a local author friend of mine asked for marketing advice.  I told her she needed to start with a blog about her book, then Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on…She nearly choked and said, “I have one hour a day to do all this marketing.  I feel so alone in this.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m here to tell you, you aren’t alone in this.”

I’ve worked things out for my friend and we’re on the road to her marketing success. She only needs to spend about one hour a WEEK on her marketing now, because I’ve done the heavy lifting. The rest of the time, she can work on her next book, book signings, lectures and more.

Another local author whose book comes out this fall was told by his publisher to start a blog, now. He didn’t know where to turn and so was referred to me. He now is happily blogging (and social media-ing) his way to a successful book launch.

This aspect of my work is my favorite! Probably because I’ve been in business, small and big, for too many years to count and know the importance of marketing. I also know that it’s often the last thing on a long list of ‘things to do’ –  So much to do, so little time. Is that your experience as an author; which, BTW makes you a small business owner.  If so, let’s turn that around.

Do you want/need a blog for your book?  Most publishers/agents tell authors to start one, immediately.

And if you’re self published you need one more than ever.

Does the thought of spending countless frustrating hours learning how to use Blogger or WordPress make you want to lay down in the backyard pound your fists and cry?  Or,  like many authors, do you have a day job and just so many hours in a day and in those limited hours, you need to write? I can help.

Let me create an eye-appealing, personalized blog that you then only have to update weekly, monthly, or however often you desire.  In addition, you can access my site at Blogs4You-U (for University) for updates, helpful tips, and ongoing blogger education.

Then, when you want to, you can easily upload the blog we create and utilize it as a web site.  I can also do this for you.

In addition to blog services, you can select, à la carte, packages that include the following;

A personalized website

Add customer reviews, testimonials, even videos that sell your book

Additional marketing materials for the mail, on-line advertising, or flyers, postcards, newsletters, and business cards

Create a social media campaign utilizing Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads and more.

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be too complicated to maintain. E-mail me your questions, and let’s put a proposal together that fits your needs.


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